Prescreening before you make an appointment

Over the last few years several new rules and regulations have gone into effect for both driver and the medical facility serving the driver. Drivers with certain medical conditions will need to bring supporting documents to the medical office either prior to their medical appointment or on the day of their medical exam.

Please call our office before you come in for your exam to be PRESCREENED  over the phone for any medical conditions you may have or any medications you may currently take.  Some medications ( i.e. thyroid) require documents supporting a therapeutic blood level.

Failure to call ahead to be prescreened can often lead to disappointment and time wasted for not bringing the proper supporting documents. REMEMBER : the rules have changed!!!

Also, only the individual who is having the medical exam should call to be prescreened, do not have your significant other , employer, or secretary call the office for you. Often they do not know your medical history and cannot answer relevant questions about your medical history.

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